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BollywoodOpera is the Cirque du Soleil of the Operaworld

Published by on maj 27, 2016

The much anticipated Bollywood Opera Premier (one of the coolest culture project in Europe), has taken place this week. It was fabulous, beyond imagination:

BollywoodOpera is the Cirque du Soleil of the opera world. Cirque du Soleil changed and innovated traditional circus  into modern global entertainment. In the same way BollywoodOpera is a game changer for traditional opera, inventing a colourful party full of surprises and placing it firmly into our modern global world.

Watch this video and see 700 people in the audience singing and dancing at the openingnight of BollywoodOpera.

#BollywoodOpera check out one of the coolest culture project in Europe

Published by on april 4, 2016

I love when culture projects open up our minds for new meetings, thoughts and emotions. BollywoodOpera is that kind of project. It was created by Charlotta Huldt (a powerful force and a great voice). She´s got more energy than a thousand Indian elephants, and she will have an ensemble of hip-hop artists, opera singers and 200 kids on stage (perhaps even some Indian elephants…). I hope she´ll get a great audience and get to travel with this project to India (the media has already covered the production).

Bollywood Opera in Botkyrka is a unique and sparkling cross-cultural community opera project, based on Rossini’s comic opera The Italian Girl in Algiers, directed and produced by Charlotta Huldt. The idea of the production is that the art of opera started 5000 years ago in India with its music and melismatic singing. It then travelled, as people migrated through the Orient, the Arabian Peninsula, where the old church modes developed, and created the foundation for the Western European world of music including Bach, Beatles and Beyoncé. Charlotta got the idea of bringing opera back to its origin and combining it with aspects of modern Indian Bollywood film. The performance gives a voice to the splendour and diversity of humanity, and speaks of our mutual cultural heritage and roots we all share through colourful music and dance. The show opens on the 25th May 2016 at the Subtopia creative centre in Botkyrka and it´s a collaboration between professional opera singers, dancers, musicians and students at the Cultural School of Botkyrka. (tickets).

Rab ne banayi jodi: Bollywood innovates by going backwards

Published by on december 26, 2008

Many concepts have often been so developed that they have lost its rots, and are not connected to what the corporations really are good at. I am a fan of Bollywood and sadly I have to say that they did exactly that (getting lost in the space of developing with no direction). But yesterday I watched the latest movie Rab ne banayi jodi with my favorite actor Shahrukh Khan (he is nr 1 in Bollywood). It was like watching a movie from the 1970 with a modern touch. Don’t think all people like it but in a world of terror and bad news I guess most people demand some romantic view of live from Bollywood (even if its innovation going backwards).

Silja Line goes Bollywood

Published by on april 9, 2008

Silja FestivalSilja Line is now offering daily cruises between Helsinki and Stockholm. Nothing new with that, but now they are having a Bollywood them on their boats. That means that thousands of Vikings are now will enjoy India on board. There will be SIlja goes BollywoodBollywood Dance Show, Indian food, drinks and even traditional henna painting.
Silja Line is using BollyBranding to offer a cold Scandinavia the warm feeling of Bollywood to connect to consumers. That is an excellent way of cracked the Swedish-Indian consumer code. Kryssning till HelsingforsBut they could do better in reaching the Indian community in Scandinavia by having the ads in Hindi (and other Indian langue). Also offering al the prices in rupees (Indian money). Now they only reach the Vikings – but that is not so bad.

Tata Nano a car from Bollywood

Published by on mars 23, 2008

The Indian car Tata Nano looks like an insect to me. A bumblebee doesn’t know that they can’t fly and Nano are going to fly out on the market global market. That’s nice. If I was Debasis Ray Head (Corporate Communications) Tata Motors I introduced this new car as a Bollywood movie al over the world. And the only way to see the film should been to see it in a drive in cinema. Build the cinema central in towns and every person should only see it sitting in a Nano, after the film every person sitting in it can drive away with it for free. The persons invited to the film should be Indian friends, local stars, movie stars and winners of different media competitions (magazines, TV etc). This would build buzz, and tap into the old feeling of American culture (drive in car – safe and social). But I am not Debasis Ray how I guess have a lot of plans to fly this bumblebee around the world.

Bollywood is a storytelling langue

Published by on oktober 1, 2007

Yesterday I was at the opening of the exhibition “Bollywood- Living gods of India at Öst Asitiska Museet in Stockholm.

The exhibition takes off in Indian films, and shows how contemporary India is connected to its past through stories and myths about love, gods and heroes. Starting out in Bollywood, the Indian film industry based in Mumbai (Bombay). Öst Asitiska Museet.

I really like Bollwood movies and it is interesting to see and here how the format is based on the way culture was told with storytelling (singing and dancing is a good langue).

Fortune Magazine on Hollywood vs. Bollywood

Published by on november 21, 2005

Read Y.A. Pitalwalla article Hollywood vs. Bollywood in Fortune Magazine. The reporter has a great feeling for combing numbers with the fact that Bollywood is developing fast. Personally I think it will explode when stars like Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt and and some other Hollywood stars start to act in ONE Bollwood movie where both culture meet.

The export of Bollywood is going to get the rest of the world
more innovative and move their business. Only watch
ONE of their film and soon you will start dancing
in your next meeting or in the boardroom.

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Published by on juni 1, 2016

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Video: Korean pop with United Cube are dancing trendsetters

Published by on december 15, 2011

Last week in London, I attended a concert with Korean pop (K-pop), it was different, a United Cube concert with different artist. In a world where most music, brands and products are similar trendsetters look for uniqueness to set the standard for tomorrow. For me this concert was more than different. The music, the dance and the performance was like a melting pot off everything in the world from Bollywood to science fiction and spiced up with talented Korean artists.

Watch this video filmed by a fan and showing thousands cameras sending the concert online to friends and fans all over the world. Onstage is the Korean artist Hyuna performing her Bubble pop.

The whole concert was like a YouTube event – never seen so many cameras live. When will brand performance become as unique as K-pop – worth filming and spreading?
Thanks to Martin and Jennifer for introducing me to K-pop.

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