Cracked Indian consumer code

Published by on april 8, 2008 at 9:59 f m

india_2_0_logo.jpgYesterday was the seminar: Cracking the Indian consumer code hold in Stockholm, Sweden. It was full of great speakers and audience (the moderator was me…). It was like traveling to India for one day. Only that point is a concept to discover (one day trip: Food, people and language can replace the country for one day).
The opening speaker was the Indian Ambassador, Deepa Gopalan Wadhwa how gave us an update in modern India. As one of the excellent speakers, Preeta Signh said it is not possible to talk about al India, you have to choose the part you like to talk about. The same goes for this incredibly day. Another Speaker vice President Christina Baines of Indiska Magazinet told us the story about how to launch in India (going back to their rots). Author and Indian expert Per Johan Andersson painted a picture of India for us to take part in.
The evening did move on to probably the best Indian restaurant in Stockholm: Curry Plaza. Most of the Indian restaurants in Sweden are sadly bad advertising for India. The Japanese are working with the quality of restaurants serving their culture; I hope other countries also protect the quality experience of their culture. If they do so it will be easier to travel to another country for one day.

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