We deliver consulting in areas such as leadership, Internet/social media, marketing, branding, sales and creativity/innovation. For 25 years we have created a process for detecting possibilities in companies, and to bring out the hidden potential. This process provides new dimensions for companies to put them ahead of their competition. We have consulted at a range of companies, from small and middle-sized ones to international Fortune 500 corporations.

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Creative coaching for increased growth and positive energy!

With AI and increasingly fierce competition, the value of new perspectives increases. That’s why we now offer creative coaching for those of you who want to create business benefits and results.

Those who move forward in challenging times can often innovate what would normally take forever to change. Or as Dan Ekholm, Vice President and CIO Sandvik Machining Solutions, elegantly put it: “Leaders who want to survive must dare to ask for help!”.

Do you want to gain new perspectives in leadership, AI/digitalization, sales, marketing, innovation, products/services and strategy? Through creative coaching, we offer you to avoid getting stuck in your own history and instead focus on navigating through internal and external challenges to find a path towards the future.


Time is an important factor for the change to take place from within the individual/organization. That’s why creative coaching is offered at a fixed price per month, alternatively according to a tailor-made arrangement. We meet regularly online, in person or by phone according to an individually tailored program that suits you/team and needs (with tools, processes, models and structure we create a success map).


For 25 years, Stefan Engeseth has delivered innovative and future-oriented ideas and is known as a Creative Futurist and has coached individuals and teams in seven countries, e.g. USA and Iceland. With a background as a business coach, creative catalyst, author of several management books and international keynote speaker, he can inspire success in today’s fast-changing world.


Lots of laughs, new perspectives and thanks for the guidance and useful tools. I feel that I go into different situations with greater confidence and awareness, which has given me clearer leadership.
Matilda Wickström, Head of Experience Developement, Communications, Scania

Thanks for sharing all your fruitful ideas/experiences supporting our trainees to grow!
Anna Appelgren, IT Governance/HR/Internal Communication, Vattenfall

World class! A powerful inspirational speaker and a pure business genius!.
Magnus Serratusell Wallin, Marketing Manager, PE Accounting

Stefan, you made me jump out of the box!
Johan Persäter

Positive energy?

Feel free to get in touch with your views/questions on this concept (many thanks to all of you who have already contributed with views and positive energy).

Stefan Engeseth

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