Tata Nano a car from Bollywood

Published by on mars 23, 2008 at 8:04 f m

The Indian car Tata Nano looks like an insect to me. A bumblebee doesn’t know that they can’t fly and Nano are going to fly out on the market global market. That’s nice. If I was Debasis Ray Head (Corporate Communications) Tata Motors I introduced this new car as a Bollywood movie al over the world. And the only way to see the film should been to see it in a drive in cinema. Build the cinema central in towns and every person should only see it sitting in a Nano, after the film every person sitting in it can drive away with it for free. The persons invited to the film should be Indian friends, local stars, movie stars and winners of different media competitions (magazines, TV etc). This would build buzz, and tap into the old feeling of American culture (drive in car – safe and social). But I am not Debasis Ray how I guess have a lot of plans to fly this bumblebee around the world.