Silja Line goes Bollywood

Published by on april 9, 2008 at 10:31 f m

Silja FestivalSilja Line is now offering daily cruises between Helsinki and Stockholm. Nothing new with that, but now they are having a Bollywood them on their boats. That means that thousands of Vikings are now will enjoy India on board. There will be SIlja goes BollywoodBollywood Dance Show, Indian food, drinks and even traditional henna painting.
Silja Line is using BollyBranding to offer a cold Scandinavia the warm feeling of Bollywood to connect to consumers. That is an excellent way of cracked the Swedish-Indian consumer code. Kryssning till HelsingforsBut they could do better in reaching the Indian community in Scandinavia by having the ads in Hindi (and other Indian langue). Also offering al the prices in rupees (Indian money). Now they only reach the Vikings – but that is not so bad.