Video: Korean pop with United Cube are dancing trendsetters

Published by on december 15, 2011 at 11:46 f m

Last week in London, I attended a concert with Korean pop (K-pop), it was different, a United Cube concert with different artist. In a world where most music, brands and products are similar trendsetters look for uniqueness to set the standard for tomorrow. For me this concert was more than different. The music, the dance and the performance was like a melting pot off everything in the world from Bollywood to science fiction and spiced up with talented Korean artists.

Watch this video filmed by a fan and showing thousands cameras sending the concert online to friends and fans all over the world. Onstage is the Korean artist Hyuna performing her Bubble pop.

The whole concert was like a YouTube event – never seen so many cameras live. When will brand performance become as unique as K-pop – worth filming and spreading?
Thanks to Martin and Jennifer for introducing me to K-pop.