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Tesla + Apple = Drive/move

Published by on maj 21, 2018

Tesla + Apple = Drive/move

Google + Apple = Goople

Published by on november 18, 2017

Google + Apple = Goople

@EconBizFin: Will #Spotify win over #Apple in the Eurovision song contest #digital competition?

Published by on maj 9, 2016

Spotify wants to grow, they are competing with Apple; I would love Spotify to challenge some of the big platform companies in the world.
Mikael Damberg, Sweden’s minister of enterprise (

Thanks to Ade, Women In Marketing.

#DisneyLand is magic. Why does nog #Apple creat their own #AppleLand and magic?

Published by on april 29, 2016

#DisneyLand is magic. Why does nog #Apple creat their own #AppleLand and magic?

Pebble vs. Apple Watch. Is Smartwatch a smart move?

Published by on februari 19, 2016

Competition is good for Apple, but what happens when there not the number 1 in a product category? Well timing is important, and even more so when they sell Apple Watch. I wonder if its really a smart move to dive into the smartwatch aquaria? There are so many other innovations where they could be number 1 (it use to be Apple’s image to be the inventor and not be a follower in to a museum of products).

While Pebble is in many ways still a leader of the newly created industry, they now face serious competition. AppleWatch is just around the corner, Samsung, Motorola and others are launching Smartwatches almost daily based on Google’s Android for Wearables Technology. Pebble as a company is facing a showdown with the biggest Techgiants – and despite their success they are still David in a battle with not just one but dozens of Goliaths., article: Pebble vs. Apple Watch – about the Smartest Marketing Decision of 2015, Yet. By Jonathan Gebauer.

If Apple swim like a Sharkonomics shark they would jump into new innovations. Thanks to William Shepherd, @BrandOneCulture and Michael Jacobs.

Will challengers as Tesla, Google and Apple feed on the Volkswagen scandal?

Published by on september 26, 2015

The Volkswagen scandal is an sad story.

But its also in does time big changes take action.

If Tesla, Google or Apple had a Sharkonomics attack strategy they would move from the shadow to the surface as powerful with their car brands as Apple did with the iPhone (in other words now is the time to change the car industry for ever).

Green Apple solution

Published by on april 13, 2015


Apple Watch: Rethink every interaction, every animation, every function

Published by on april 5, 2015

Apple Watch: Rethink every interaction, every animation, every function.

Thanks to Sergei.

Will Apple introduce a currency 2015 with Steve Jobs on the coin?

Published by on december 15, 2014

Will Apple introduce a currency 2015 with Steve Jobs on the coin?

AppleCurrency with Steve Jobs on the coin

Published by on oktober 7, 2014

Apple coin
I predict that Apple will introduce their own currency a year after their launch of ApplePay. With the new AppleCurrency Apple can make cash on the demand. Today their brand does not live up to its demand.

Apple has created a shopping system in which all the products are connected to the system and to each other. This connection adds value to each product. Today demand is greater than what Apple is capable to live up to. Other brands are earning millions because of the huge demand that Apple creates but can not deliver. In such situations it is often profitable to change the business model, our contribution to changing the business model is an idea that is easy to monetize on.

A revolution should be led by Icon brands as Apple
Under the surface our economic system is questioned. Further, the economic system is not stable enough. It’s only a matter of time before a mighty corporation creates their own currency. Apple could lead that currency revolution and change history once again.

Steve Jobs changed the world and learned us that to Think different leads to development and change. We asked the talented designer Joachim Nordwall to design the visionary idea of an Apple coin as a tribute to the legend.

Also we hope that the message Think different on a coin, will inspire consumers to make a change with their consumption.

The digital AppleCurrency could be used on the Apple website but also in other online stores, and not least in the offline world as a common currency.

From: Connect the dots to AppleDots?
Certainly, many would give this currency and coins the nickname AppleDots linked to Steve Jobs classic statement: Connect the dots. Whatever it is called, Apple can with their own currency make the world spin around their Apple. If Apple in their ‘shopping system’ strategy makes the value of consumption increase with their currency, the revolution is a fact that would make the legend smile for an eternity.

Download Apple coin and print directly in a 3D printer
Then go and test shopping with the coins in the nearest store or Apple store. If you don’t have a 3D printer there are companies as Shapeways that can help you print them. Download images and 3D formats of the Apple coin for free.

One might question the point of creating an currency when consumers anyway can pay with ApplePay?
Well, we would like to state that money creates money and Apple could with their own currency control and increase their profits. The opportunity to grow as a company with their own currency is far beyond their current resources. We see a million possibilities, but surely you’ll see more and Apple itself has surly internally a lot of ideas, so we’ll leave the rest to them and you.

PS Apple owns of course their own brand and this idea is only an idea, but most of all it is our tribute to Steve Jobs. The value of the coin is up to you to evaluate, we do not warrant that the coins will legally work for shopping but if your mindset is Think different then anything is possible.

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