Beat Yesterday vs Eat Tomorrow

Published by on juni 23, 2016

Beat yesterday vs Eat tomorrow.

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How construction will be disrupted: Sharkonomics interview in the AEC Business Podcast

Published by on juni 20, 2016

Who are the sharks threatening the construction industry and how could disruption take place? These are the themes of the interview.
Sharkonomics interview in the AEC Business Podcast, by Aarni Heiskanen

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Banks – where is the Love?

Published by on juni 17, 2016

Banks – where is the Love?
CEO and founder, Jacob de Geer, iZettle. Quote from speech at Symposium Stockholm

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Join me at a Growth Hacking Party at @RebelandBird

Published by on juni 14, 2016

Contact me asap if you like to join me at a Growth Hacking Party 15 June at Rebel & Bird.

At Rebel & Bird we’re working with growth hacking methods to create true growth from using the product itself. Among our clients are both tech superstars like Spotify and King, but also more traditional companies within the finance and property industry.

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#AI is mindblowing for #business

Published by on juni 12, 2016

AI is mindblowing for business.

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Every government need a kick-ass CIO

Published by on juni 10, 2016

Every government need a kick-ass CIO.
President & CEO, Hans Vestberg, Ericsson. Quote from speech at Symposium Stockholm

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Don’t miss The Brilliant Minds conference at Symposium Stockholm

Published by on juni 9, 2016

Great speakers, great minds in a mix at The Brilliant Minds conference, Symposium Stockholm.

Created by Spotify’s Daniel Ek and Ash Pournouri, the founder of At Night Management, Symposium Stockholm is a week-long festival of ideas, fashion, music and tech that will capture the future and the forward-thinking energy of Sweden. The Brilliant Minds conference, June 9-10, is the flagship event of Symposium Stockholm. A gathering of innovative international luminaries, global decision-makers, and young emerging talent, Symposium Stockholm is challenging conventional thinking in business and society.
Symposium Stockholm

Watch and listen to David Bowie predicting the future of Internet.

Music, tech, fashion and media will flow seamlessly together, and we are sitting at the cross-sector of this flow, curating it through Brilliant Minds and Symposium Stockholm as a whole.
Natalia Brzezinski, CEO Symposium Stockholm

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Sharkonomics consultancy services, based on 420 million years of experience, now launched in English

Published by on juni 7, 2016

After the book, lectures and workshops, we got a lot of feedback from hungry clients wanting to bite deeper into the knowledge of Sharkonomics.

The Sharkonomics consultancy services are based on the sharks’ 420 million years’ experience of development and focus on how companies can dominate their respective markets and take market share from their significantly larger competitors.

Some examples of Sharkonomics consultancy services: 

• Move or Die: Find the right level of evolutionary balance
• Implementation of Sharkonomics’ attack and defence strategies
• Focus on getting all parts of the whole organization to work together towards the same goal in the same way as the shark’s muscles, finns and teeth work together and move the body in a co-ordinated way towards the clear goal of creating growth and dynamism.
• Efficient move towards the goal of the company: Focus and relevance create an efficient organization. By letting rationality and not emotion guide the organization, fat will turn to muscle which will help the organization move ahead.
• The ”sonar” identifies what’s in the water (the market), maps the total picture and draws relevant conclusions. Risk analysis and environment analysis find possible holes to fill in.

Sharkonomics consultancy services presentation (PDF).

Warm thanks to sharks and friends/clients who have given us input on how to package our services and swim forward.

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New book: Democracy in Decline by Philip Kotler

Published by on juni 3, 2016

Professor Philip Kotler is a big thinker, check out his new book: Democracy in Decline: Rebuilding its Future.

Here is one passage from the topic of this strong book:

There is a disturbing interaction between Capitalism, our economic system, and Democracy, our political system.  Features and trends in our Capitalist system are doing great damage to our Democracy.  The major problem in our Capitalist system is the growing level of income inequality.  There will always be some income inequality but it has moved to a level that is corrupting both Capitalism itself and our Democracy.  Capitalism is doomed to grow at a much slower rate because most of the gains in income are going to the 1%.  During the recovery from the 2008 recession, income of the top 1% increased by 31% but just 0.4% for 99% of Americans.  A great number of our workers earn less today in real terms than they earned in the 1970s.  So Capitalism and capitalists are dooming themselves by not paying higher wages to our workers and opposing raising higher taxes on the rich, many of whom even pay a lower income tax rate than their own office and factory workers.

Also check out his new blogs,, with great articles.

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Top 10 most popular posts – Updated: 1 June 2016

Published by on juni 1, 2016

1. 75 million readers of Sharkonomics?
2. Evolution vs. Disruptive = Move or Die
3. The best engineer gets people (because they have to).
4. HP: Keep Reinventing
5. BollywoodOpera is the Cirque du Soleil of the Operaworld
6. 6 minutes of shame
7. Our culture is based on a blank slate
8. Virtual reality: You need to make it social
9. 600 car dealers in standing ovation
10. AppleCurrency with Steve Jobs on the coin

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