The art of eating an Apple

Published by on maj 25, 2018 at 12:35 e m

On an island outside of San Francisco, the Alcatraz prisoner-proof prison was built. Thousands of people were locked behind bars over the years. Today, millions of customers are locked behind mobile screens. Perhaps it’s time to escape?

We are trapped in technology. Our mobile screens imprison us as much as Alcatraz did with their prisoners. If you removed all the screens and made the technology invisible, customers would fly to escape the “screen prison”, just like a number of prisoners fled from Alcatraz at the time.

Can you really criticize Apple?
Apple is extremely successful economically. One reason for their profitability is that customers have no choice customers have been voluntarily incorporated into their system (loyal prison inmates). Unintended loyalty creates a demand for freedom (from all screens, not only from Apple’s).

Start a Pear or an Orange
Just as the fugitive prisoners proved that Alcatraz was possible to escape from, you can start a competitor for to the “screen prison”, which proves that it is possible to deliver freedom in technology solutions. Below the surface, AI (Artificial Intelligence) approaches make it easier to create more open solutions based on voluntary loyalty. Start an option that delivers freedom and why not call it Pear or Orange?!

If Samsung uses Sharkonomics strategies, they would more quickly learn the art of eating an Apple.