Pebble vs. Apple Watch. Is Smartwatch a smart move?

Published by on februari 19, 2016 at 12:51 e m

Competition is good for Apple, but what happens when there not the number 1 in a product category? Well timing is important, and even more so when they sell Apple Watch. I wonder if its really a smart move to dive into the smartwatch aquaria? There are so many other innovations where they could be number 1 (it use to be Apple’s image to be the inventor and not be a follower in to a museum of products).

While Pebble is in many ways still a leader of the newly created industry, they now face serious competition. AppleWatch is just around the corner, Samsung, Motorola and others are launching Smartwatches almost daily based on Google’s Android for Wearables Technology. Pebble as a company is facing a showdown with the biggest Techgiants – and despite their success they are still David in a battle with not just one but dozens of Goliaths., article: Pebble vs. Apple Watch – about the Smartest Marketing Decision of 2015, Yet. By Jonathan Gebauer.

If Apple swim like a Sharkonomics shark they would jump into new innovations. Thanks to William Shepherd, @BrandOneCulture and Michael Jacobs.