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Yves Behar: Playing with design

Published by on mars 9, 2009

Yves Behar is by fare one of the smartest designer living on this melting planet. Smart people know how to play as kids. I think design is at its best when its playful and with Y Water he did exactly that, a bottle to play with. With One Laptop per Child (se picture) he showed the rest of the world the future of how to connect the world with smart design. His company Fuse Project have a blog, check it out (playful inspiration).

Bookmark and Share Sexuality, gender and reproduction

Published by on mars 7, 2009

Sex is not only: Sexuality, gender, and reproduction it is one of the biggest business field in the world. That is an good reason for doing seriously research in this field as The Kinsey Institute are doing. I find them seriously and worth supporting to update the knowledge in sex.

Bookmark and Share Sex toys for computer geeks?

Published by on mars 5, 2009

Can bags be sexy? Well the Austrailian brand Crumpler is adding sex appeal into their products. Their story is worth talking about:

From the beginning the bags were designed for bike messengers, in particular those working for Roper and Miller’s bike courier company, Minuteman. As the bags seen around the city were durable and colourful, there was soon commercial demand and the range grew to include more options in colours and sizes.

They have a slogan: Crumpler makes you Sexy. Well I dont think that is good enough, my suggestion is simply:  Sex toys for computer geeks! That is worth both to talk about and to spread.

Bookmark and Share lecture: Bob Proctor, Olof Röhlander, Charlie Söderberg

Published by on mars 3, 2009

Yesterday evening did listen to my first seminar for Yes Group Sweden, they are fans of Tony Robbins (check out his lecture here at I think: Tony looks like wrester talk like a priest and create fans like a rock-star. Last evening three, speakers did not look like wrestlers but talked like Tony and was excellent speaker. The short point in their message is in my opinion one word: Believe.
Bob Proctor
is one of the author behind the life changing book and movieThe Secret.” Here is some of his points: “you attract what you are thinking about.” “Cultures is nothing else but group habit.” “Its al about the mind and you got to understand it.”
Charlie Söderberg massage was powerful this: More money, time and energy (how doesn’t want that?).
Olof Röhlander was the last speaker but he did use humous to inspire how to point out how the mind can work for you instead of against you (your mind is your strongest muscle and Olof did get that muscle working with a sense of humour).
The question and point is: What are you thinking is the map to your future (I know it sounds to much, but try it – it could change your life).

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Top 10 posts – Nr 1 Chris Anderson

Published by on mars 1, 2009

Read the Top 10 most popular posts for the moment. Chris Anderson is the new nr 1, check it out: Chris Anderson: Free: Learn to love $0.00 (good comments). The topic of Barack Obama, Free, Pirate Bay and are creating strong feelings. New post on the list: Barack Obama: To be, or not to be a super nation, First steps in Sweden, vs., Why woman can rule Internet.

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