Why woman can rule Internet

Published by on december 9, 2008 at 9:24 f m

Most men think Internet is provided by connected testicles and not by servers around the world. Well, my point here is not based on male exception like me and maybe you. For many years I been researching and trying to understand why women are so much better than men in socializing with each other. The effect of their superior socializing is that they will rule Internet or already does so, when it comes to social media and using Internet to ad value in life (not computer codes). My theory is this: It is all about survival instinct. That’s why women tell each other much more about good news than men. Why? Because men think good news is for them only (they gain, are the winners etc). Woman are not as physical strong in general as men so they have to be smarter with what they gain so they share the information. This information adds value to all of them to feel good and it will make them survive, if something is happening they can share the value of their gain. In other words women build tribes for survival online to secure their DNA for the future. Social media is nothing else than a survival sport for woman that makes them rule Internet. If men don’t understand women offline they won’t get in online. But one thing is for clear and that is that Internet is not in any way controlled or provided by testicles.