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Facehunter hunts your style

Published by on november 18, 2007

Here is a blog that hunts your fashion styles by taking photos of you walking down the catwalk/street. Check it out; it is tomorrow’s trend today.

Eye candy for the style hungry. Facehunter

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Alicia Keys – No One

Published by on november 17, 2007

She is a modern version of an old school artist, the sort that not only now how to look (but actually now music). Alicia Keys official website is not as good as fan sites as ore (build by thousands of Miss Keys’). The competition between fans is often really hard, like in how is most interactive, has the best stories, photos, gossip etc. They also probably have more passion for doing what they doing than a paid Webmaster. The same goes for a lot of brands, but it easier for an artist to get the feeling of Miss Keys’ mirror effect.

Listen to Alicia Keys, singings the hit No One: “No ONE is getting in the way I feel for YOU.”

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The store day

Published by on november 16, 2007

Yester day I was the moderator at Store day / Butikdsdagen in Stockholm. There where a lot of good speakers how al talked in the topic of retail, consumers and e-commerce. One of the speakers did point out that unsatisfied consumers should be treated with “kill them with kindness.” I did point out that the satisfied consumes should consumers be “love them with passion.”

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Earthrace is cool sustainable raw power

Published by on november 14, 2007

earthrace.jpgEnvironment friendly product should not mean boring bad product for a higher price. It should mean cool sustainable raw power to improve life and earth. Like this powerboat Earthrace, it looks good its fast and its sustainable.

In March 2008, Earthrace will attempt to set a new speed record for a powerboat to circumnavigate the globe running 100% biodiesel, and with a net zero carbon-footprint, in order to increase awareness of the environment and the sustainable use of resources.

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Le lecture in Paris

Published by on november 12, 2007

This week I did held a lecture in Paris for the Circle network. There were many IT companies in the audience and as always in France, good food and wines. Thanks to Per and Yann for arranging the lecture. Many of the questions were mainly focusing on how to use the ONE model in a B-to-B situation. I think the French guru pointed it out perfectly:

We are in a B-to-B-to-C situation.
Jean-Noel Kapferer, Professor, HEC/School of Management


Going from B to B to C and back to B – by angling the mirrors, you get a clearer perspective of each other’s interests and can see the big picture in the world around you.


At this local restaurant could the guests borrow a staple gun and put whatever message they like on the walls. It is like a consumer mirror totally. People put everything on the wall: their country’s money; fly tickets, last cigarette, business cards, id-card to work and a lot of personal photos. When did you last see these types of consumer walls in big company headquarters?

I took this photo an early morning in Paris.

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1 Love by Kevin Michael

Published by on november 10, 2007

Listen to 1 Love with, Kevin Michael. The song is called “It Don’t Make Any Difference To Me.”

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Google campfire ONE

Published by on november 9, 2007

When the open social web is growing into new markets, Google sponsor the fire in the campfire. That is a good think, if you like to build a tribe that build the next Internet, whey not around a fire?

”Every once in a while we’ll invite members of the developer community on campus to talk shop, share some news, and eat S’mores. We’re calling this ”Google Campfire One.”

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Linux in your wallet

Published by on november 8, 2007

Did hold a lecture yesterday at “Bank & Finances 07.” Most of the Swedish market leaders in the business where at this full day seminar. One of the good speakers where from OMX Group, they are nr 1 in the world to provide stock exchange with IT. They do base there IT systems on Linux. The reason is that they are not then depending on a lock solution to develop in the speed they need to stay on top of the market.

There where a lot of speakers pointing out secure payment online. A lot of the problem in my opinion is that it are too easy to move money around online. Why not develop new software that marks al the money online (then you can track every unique euro)? It could be based on Linux (that is already in your wallet, provided by OMX).

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SVT on Joost and YouTube

Published by on november 7, 2007

Swedish public service television (SVT) is now open their material for and their one channel on They do this before the commercial channels in Sweden. The reason for this big step is to reach young people. But at the same time I guess television is like the rest of the business world and follow the leaders, CNN/YouTube is that leader.

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Where did the Gphone go?

Published by on november 6, 2007

Smart companies do understand to tap in changes and not into their own footsteps. That’s what Google is doing so well. They are open for adapting into the future. Instead of developing mobile phones that would cost them more money than they can afford (competition is strong). They open their brand for the open source culture to invent and adapt into the future.

“Despite all of the very interesting speculation over the last few months, we’re not announcing a Gphone. However, we think what we are announcing — the Open Handset Alliance and Android — is more significant and ambitious than a single phone. In fact, through the joint efforts of the members of the Open Handset Alliance, we hope Android will be the foundation for many new phones and will create an entirely new mobile experience for users, with new applications and new capabilities we can’t imagine today.” Director of Mobile Platforms, Andy Rubin, Google

Before consumers can see the future they can tap dance into Google Mobile.

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