The Sharkonomics tour whetted American appetites

Published by on november 27, 2012 at 8:47 f m

A four-week Sharkonomics book tour whetted American appetites. The tour bus run across the United States with the principal organizer The Swedish-American Chambers of Commerce at the wheel.
Despite storms and presidential elections businesses people around the United States attended The Swedish-American Chambers of Commerce events in Silicon Valley, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Minnesota, Phoenix, Colorado, Philadelphia. A hungry crowd from Disney, Google, Cisco, Nokia, Stanford, Skanska listened to our Stefans’s lecture on his book Sharkonomics (see reviews from the attendants below).

Great thanks to the all the organizers of this tour that gave both memories and friends. Special thanks to The Swedish-American Chambers of Commerce who arranged and coordinated the tour elegant! Other events were also arranged in collaboration with the American Marketing Association, Thunderbird School of Global Management and Silicon Vikings (with moderator from Berkley).
The tour gave us requests that are sufficient for a new U.S. tour.

Three things that gave the lectures an edge:
1. Permission to use images of the world’s best shark photographer Chris Fallows.
2. Permission to use world-class management guru Jim Collins model in the book.
3. American audiences are the best in the world. They are demanding and in the same time giving and contributing to the lecture.

Press Clips: CBS Radio. Currents.

Lecture presentation: Free download (sample pages in PDF).

Reviews from U.S. tour with taste

Stefan’s Sharkonomics speech was presented in a very charismatic way. To draw parallels between corporate and sharks behavior created discussions and a new way of thinking. Stefan offered a lecture filled with energy, creativity, experience and participation from the audience. Something I can highly recommend for upcoming events!
Christoffer Blomberg, Marketing Manager of The Swedish American Chamber of Commerce in San Francisco and Silicon Valley
Stefan’s book Sharkonomics is blood for sharks and steel cages for their prey.
David Charron, Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley
Stefan Engeseth ‘rocked it’ at last nights lecture on his thought provoking Sharkonomics speech. I liked your combination of humor and directness when it came to looking at an opportunity or in your parlance, shark food.
Eric Snelz, President, The American Marketing Association, Phoenix Chapter
Stefan Engeseth brings Sharkonomics to life with quick witted-analyses, personal presence, and an uncanny talent for interacting with the audience.
Maria Bergman, President of Swedish American Chamber of Commerce Chicago
On behalf of SACC-NE, I wanted to thank you for an excellent Sharkonomics presentation. Not only were you able to captivate and entertain the fifty people attending,but I had several members reach out to me afterwards commenting on the great energy in the presentation. Your ability to distill core shark principles and apply them to businesses at different stages in their life cycles was both challenging and inspiring.
Rasmus Goksor, President of Swedish American Chamber of Commerce of New England
Thank you Stefan for a great evening with Sharkonomics, November 1. It was a true pleasure to see you interact with the top quality audience at Thunderbird School of Global Management. With the assistance from the American Marketing Association Phoenix, and the many representatives from Thunderbird, SACC-Arizona enjoyed the best event this year featuring a guest from Sweden, now also considered a great friend. The law of nature inspired theme and strategies presented resulted in plenty of discussions that continued for hours at the networking reception following the event. We very much look forward to follow your continued success in the United States.
Tobias Lofstrand, President of The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce Arizona

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