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Shopping becomes Artisation with Anthony Mills

Published by on juni 23, 2010

Few people have the creativity as artist does, even less has the ability to combine the art way of thinking with entrepreneurship – Anthony Mills are one of does few how got that talent. He is always exploring opportunities for his art to grow into new territories – so it feels naturally that he do work with an outdoor company to explore where no boundaries can take him and his art. did art of shopping yesterday by letting Anthony creating art of their products.
I call it Artisation when advertising it self is becoming art, ore as in this case art becomes advertising.

For shops and property owners share is the art a way to show that you want more than just sell what you actually sell – which sells itself.
Article by Jenny Damberg,

Go beyond Web 3.0

Published by on september 2, 2009

Traditional the Internet, with its screen and keyboard, is old news and an old user experience. Entire regions go online without computers – it’s all about mobile phones. This changes everything from a business point of view and opens up new opportunities for advertising to become a direct part of the actual consumption. Today’s advertising budgets are quite small compared with the total amounts spent on consumption in general. The retail and packaging sectors don’t have the ad industry’s visibility and flashy awards ceremonies, but they produce much more in revenues.
There are enormous amounts of innovation and creativity in all areas that lead directly to high sales figures. For example, the Smurfit Kappa Group is a cardboard manufacturing company that has sales of over €7 billion, results that speak for themselves. In time, the boxes themselves will actually talk to us as well – they have already more or less perfected a paper material that will store sound! A musician I know who has been having trouble getting his music heard listened to my advice that he should set his sights on becoming the first singing cardboard box. It now looks like he has succeeded in getting his voice “on paper” and the next time you open a magazine you may very well hear Anthony Mills voice.
These sorts of technological changes mean that the advertising industry must enter new areas such as R&D to give them more channels and better communication potential from the very beginning for packaging, paper and other products. As for mobile technology, these sorts of solutions make it easy to track the result of advertising and make it viable for communicators and ad agencies to work on some sort of commission basis.

By broadening your picture of what advertising is, advertising budgets will increase. In the digital
universe, half the advertising is never wasted.

Trendgalan an evening for the future

Published by on november 28, 2007

Last evening I was the Trendgalan in Stockholm, this year was the topic Trends 2.0. A lot of the speakers where pointing out that and cant go on being so hot any longer (because of the evolution system in trends). Something else has to come.
We may not understand it inside of Sweden but Sweden is a place where a lot of global trends start. That was the reason for why so many where speaking about China (not so creative in my opinion yet).


The award winner of Trendgalan this year was Camino Magazine. It is a Swedish magazine about social and environment questions for consumers and have a layout like a lifestyle magazine.
Trends in my interpretation a modern version of: “to be ore not to be” right now. A way to BE is to be NOT to be for a lot of people, and then you will become trendier. In other words a shortcut to be trendy is to do something a small number of people understand and a lot off people don’t like. It is sort of the evolution of differentiation, ore and modern version of finding a position for your brand.
Here is some of the speakers trend points: Geeks are cool. Green is cool. Blogs are and will be important trend builders. Weapons and darkness is not cool but are cool in design. Brands as Philips and Electrolux are learning how to interact with trends in 2.0.

Trendgalan was really good because of 90% person: Maria Forssén (she gives the name DOER an bigger perspective).

Here are some of the best of the speakers: Johan Stael von Holstein. Jonas Lindberg Nyvang, John Higson. Elin af Klintberg, Plaza Magazine. Mattias Miksche, Stardoll. Johan Wahlbäck, Singelringen. Gabriel Sundqvist, Pronto. And off course the artist Anthony Mills. Does speakers move so fast that I recommend you Google them to see where they are at the moment.