A design world

Published by on februari 10, 2006 at 10:42 f m

I and my friend Sergej (designer), did go to Stockholm Furniture Fair yesterday. It is interesting to see how designers interpret changes in the world in to art, fashion ore as in this case furniture (I read it like codes). Yet the Danish design has not put any to wild paintings in the design (we hope not). For an example the lamp above is a weapon (we need to see what weapons is sadly a part of our modern culture – but find new ways to use it). Also the transparence of the world we live in now (there was many transparent furniture’s). Also a lot of furniture’s to have in the center of the room (a world with less border do not need the walls). The creative level was not so high except from the famous Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa (his talent has spread to Muji, Seiko, Apple, Epson, B&B etc).

In the Greenhouse they did show the young designers. This was wild and creative like the lamp above (it is recycled bicycles). The young design students are full of passion and creativity for what you can do. And the manufactures is full of economic models of what you can produce and sell, sadly it often ends up in grey and boring design. The exception was Moooi, they where even more creative than most of the design in the Greenhouse (they work with young and more experienced designers together and with consumers input – ONE). There work was really totally outstanding on this Stockholm Furniture Fair. It seams like they focus on peoples difference so they can become different, check them out Moooi.
What trend do you see in design? How do you think designers, interpreter the world?