Trendgalan an evening for the future

Published by on november 28, 2007 at 1:58 e m

Last evening I was the Trendgalan in Stockholm, this year was the topic Trends 2.0. A lot of the speakers where pointing out that and cant go on being so hot any longer (because of the evolution system in trends). Something else has to come.
We may not understand it inside of Sweden but Sweden is a place where a lot of global trends start. That was the reason for why so many where speaking about China (not so creative in my opinion yet).


The award winner of Trendgalan this year was Camino Magazine. It is a Swedish magazine about social and environment questions for consumers and have a layout like a lifestyle magazine.
Trends in my interpretation a modern version of: “to be ore not to be” right now. A way to BE is to be NOT to be for a lot of people, and then you will become trendier. In other words a shortcut to be trendy is to do something a small number of people understand and a lot off people don’t like. It is sort of the evolution of differentiation, ore and modern version of finding a position for your brand.
Here is some of the speakers trend points: Geeks are cool. Green is cool. Blogs are and will be important trend builders. Weapons and darkness is not cool but are cool in design. Brands as Philips and Electrolux are learning how to interact with trends in 2.0.

Trendgalan was really good because of 90% person: Maria Forssén (she gives the name DOER an bigger perspective).

Here are some of the best of the speakers: Johan Stael von Holstein. Jonas Lindberg Nyvang, John Higson. Elin af Klintberg, Plaza Magazine. Mattias Miksche, Stardoll. Johan Wahlbäck, Singelringen. Gabriel Sundqvist, Pronto. And off course the artist Anthony Mills. Does speakers move so fast that I recommend you Google them to see where they are at the moment.