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Published by on juni 4, 2009

crown_princess1Yesterday was the Globe Award. I was there with good friends and what I hope will be my next girlfriend (see photo), if the King agree on spicing up the Royal garden with some Obama flavors. The award is not an stiff award ceremony it is more in the format off an show witch is great. Sustainability should be fun and exacting. One of the winners is really exacting Tesla Motors, that is an sustainable car that I would love to drive my new girlfriend around the globe in.

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Visual Branding vs.Visual misspelling

Published by on juni 3, 2009

Did attend at a lecture about Visual Branding yesteday. The focus was on how to not do visual misspelling, for me extremely interesting as an dyslectic person thinking in pictures. The speaker Barbro Ohlson Smith is one an well known Creative Director based in Sweden.

Most brands is correct spelled in in alphabet, but not visual.
Barbro Ohlson Smith, Creative Director – Ohlsonsmith Design Consultancy

In other words living your brand is also making every part of the brand visual correct, sort of making a map that makes everything part of the big picture. Check out (their website is an good showcase in design). Barbro will hold this lecture in Cannes Lions 22 June.

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Greenwashing a shortcut to talent

Published by on juni 2, 2009

Most people say that  Most people say that Greenwashing is about branding. But branding is no more about shortcuts (doesn’t work any more on an transparent market). Instead its about talent. Without new talented employes corporations will not make it in an high completive market. So they target the most talented student to come and work for them. The reason they do Greenwashing is because students can afford higher moral (no family and less bills etc). So student demand green values and choose corporations to work for because of their higher moral, it is for student an tribe value. If environment organizations did target this reason for shortcuts with Greenwashing they would get more out of everything.

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