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iPhone a NoPhone vs. iCar a NoCar

Published by on januari 7, 2009

More and more users of iPhone are giving up it as a phone, because the iPhone is performing badly as a phone. Some use it as a portable Internet computer and some use it as an iPod in the car. It is not easy to call users of iPhones but they often call me when they are having their iPhone in their pocket (interesting but boring phone calls). I would buy it if it were good as a phone. But the word of mouth about it is “you can do anything with it else than make a phone call.” At the same time most mobile phones are not really good so ones again are Apple superb because of the lack of competition. The question is the iPhone a NoPhone? And would Apple fans buy an iCar even if it were not possible to drive with it?

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Published by on januari 4, 2009

Here is an interview that I did do for blogger Jean-Yves Huwart, at the conference for BDMA in Belgium. My English is not the best in this interview but the points is.

“If your brand doesn’t enter a two-way relationship with your customer, your brand is in danger.” In France: “Les marques qui n’écoutent pas leurs clients risquent de finir comme les nobles à la révolution française.”

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Google Earth Christmas on the Coke side of life

Published by on januari 2, 2009

Coke invented the Christmas and now develops it elegant by offering you to decorate your house in an online version of Google Earth:

Try it, it will make Christmas last longer.

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