With “Management Camping” can 2000 business leaders, park in ONE boardroom

Published by on februari 20, 2006 at 4:42 e m

Here is an idea for how it can attract business people to go camping. For managers and leaders it is lonely at the top, they al need to get new perspective and ideas to develop there business. To many things in life is digital, it is a gap to real life. Real life is full of real people and nature.


Sometimes knowledge most drive in to a new roads to find something new.

The caravan (trailer US) is on it way back and at the same time is the market full of jeeps to drag them. Managers love to write and paint on whiteboards (it bring out the kids in them and allow them to paint the big picture). The problem is that the people they have to play with in the boardroom is most of the time the same people al of the time. A solution is to meet and paint with new people is to combine a caravan with a full area surface of withboard. I call cal it “Management Camping.” EveryONE can then paint and create new business together. To maximum the creativity it could have board pencil with lighters. Leaders could write a question on their “idea boarders” and others can like an open source movement contributes to the answer. Then every breakfast would be a surprise of what the night did hade to ad to the big picture. When it rains the nature become apart of the business evolution and make it clean again (that’s why digital cameras is so important to bring on the trip).
For consultant can this “idea boarders” be developed into a total conference “nature room.” The house trailers projectors can bee shown on a canvas screen that could be hang bee twin to tree. For Golfers the trailer could be an good opportunities to live on a golf green and still have the office with them.
Where should you park? Witch is the Top Managers you would like to camp with? What could 2000 hours of 200 business leaders do for your bottom line? Could this idea develop to a lecture tour (hit to road Jack… Welch…)? Do you think it should be for rent?