Will Sir Richard Branson start Virgin Art?

Published by on maj 3, 2010 at 10:02 f m

Last week at Gulltaggen I finally met Sir Richard Branson (see photo).
There are few people I admire as I admire Branson. When people tell me I am too wild in my thinking I always think of Branson (he is a proof of that nothing in life or business is to wild untill someone has proven it works, or not).
After meeting up with Branson in Oslo I could not stop thinking of what he could do next. Today he has 200 companies and over 50.000 employes in almost every business field.
I would like to ask Branson if he can start Virgin Art? Why? Because it is a field full of untapped business potential. Art is a platform that is full of freedom to create and change the world from, and this could be done by starting Virgin Art.
Here is some of Sir Richard Branson best points at Gulltaggen 2010:

The demands for innovation has never been greater.
Make a difference and change the world.
As long it makes people smile.

Next time I meet Branson I will ask him about the future business of living in space,