Time for 100 million Ikea family members to travel home to SVEA

Published by on oktober 22, 2018 at 10:34 f m

When Älmhult changes its name to Kamprad.

The town of Älmhult had not been the same without its Ikea. To name a small street or avenue after Ingvar Kamprad (the founder of Ikea) is worth little more than a used Billy shelf when it comes to honouring such a big legend. That’s why we think it’s a good idea to give the city a name that commemorates how he has furnished the world since 1943!

Time for Ikeas fans to travel to SVEA
Invite all 100 million members of the Ikea family to Kamprad. Design and sell a tent for 19 SEK, which can only be purchased at Ikea in Kamprad and name the tent after SVEA. The municipality could offer some land to camp on during Kamprad’s annual camping month of July and sell the Municipality´s brand.
Media would of course love it and what the tent would look like is of course as obvious as Ikea’s original logotype – a Swedish blue-and-yellow flag, which will welcome everyone to get in to the tent and sleep well – as well as ever in SVEA.