The recipe for an economic boom

Published by on oktober 14, 2008 at 7:48 f m

Have you heard about the economic boom we’re in? Sales and business activity are rapidly increasing. The best thing about the boom is that it will last as long as you want it to last – a positive ripple effect for colleagues, clients, and the stock market itself. 

Far back in our history – ever since the world of sports gave us the first winner and loser – we learned to value the importance of a good mindset. To that end, the recession that everyone is talking about was in essence, self-generated. What would have happened if the media reported only GOOD news? Surely there would have been more investments made, because just as in the sports world, winners in business win because of their mindset.We were recently called by a CEO who wanted to know if we could “come over for an hour and question everything they do.” Occasionally, history repeats itself; Detective Marketing’s own Stefan Engeseth was nearly fired for questioning everything his former employer did at that time – and now he is in demand for it as a consultant. To question current ways of working is not a new thing – except that nowadays it’s called “workshop”. More than ever before, there is a greater demand for the knowledge of how to change. That is why we have created a recipe for economic/business success that will inspire without getting anyone fired.

The recipe for an economic boom:

1. Many companies have a visible history. Create a visible future so that we all can walk in the same direction. Create visibility by putting all of those things that you call Economic Boom on a billboard or wall.

2. Create your own magazine covers, mirroring your success, at just like the cover above.

3. Create a tolerant culture.  Give away prizes to reward employees that work with change or are committed to change. For example the best “bragger” of the month, the most courageous, the biggest failure, the best vision of the month, the craziest idea, and so on. Companies like IKEA and Dell were created on a platform of trial and error viewed with an entrepreneurial mind-set.

4. Ask stupid questions every hour. Award a prize to the person that one who managed to ask the stupidest question, like “If we were an ATM machine, what would clients withdraw?”.

5. Separate clients and non-clients.  Then remove the borders and limits so that everyone becomes a client.

6. Arrange a theme breakfasts with your co-workers focusing on the Economic Boom. Describe the scenario of your dreams. Make it real and tangible. Remember its only together you can achieve it!

7. Always do more than what is expected.