The iPhone conspiracy

Published by on oktober 12, 2008 at 12:02 e m

Apple is one of the best in the world in building brands. I really like that they show that the competition zero, when they moved into making mobile phones the rest look like antic products. That is also the reason for why they can get a way with not being loyal to there loyal fans. Apple is more than a brand; it is strong as a religion. But for the iPhone it has become even stronger, it is more like a drug that the heavy users most have more of like a drug.

Apple is not in anyway an open source corporation it more an one man show, but a good show. To tap into the success of consumer power they open the iPhone for different software’s and even at the level of letting consumers making software and sell them throw Appel. But here it al starts to go wrong. If you like Apple are one of the best you always risk becoming your biggest competitors. They are not alone, a lot of brands don’t understand that they compete with there own brand; big brands are like cannibals eating there own fans.

The iPhone conspiracy: Many of my friends are iPone addicts. Now they are complaining that they are getting hacked. When they update their software in the phone, different software takes away software’s they don’t like or even destroy their function. This means that big corporation is now hackers. More and more consumers are getting suspicious about updating there computer software because it seems like corporations are doing a lot more than updating computers when they have the chance to get into consumers computers. This is not brand building this is brand cannibalism.

I hope that Apple is sorting out how to work with their fans, or I hope they get more competition.