Sony will strikes back on iPhone

Published by on januari 19, 2007 at 10:57 f m

With the pending launch of iPhone, Sony is probably busy working on a way of taking a chunk out of Apple’s market share rather than passively awaiting Apple’s attack. I think Sony is busy cooking up a concoction based on one part mylo, one part PSP and one part P990i (naturally including one part Symbian UIQ3).
We’ve already seen Sony slap familiar brand names on cell phones from Sony Ericsson: Cyber-shot and Walkman. Those names add a sense of quality even if the technology is the same. It’s all about brand, baby. And brand is Apple’s best discipline as of late so Sony will have to bring out the big artillery.
Unfortunately for Sony, they don’t have the best track record. Think of the Betamax vs. VHS fight of the 80s. Still, Apple is about to enter Sony’s turf. Mark my words, Sony won’t give up without a fight.
Do you think I’m right or wrong? Please share your thoughts. Oh, and feel free to come back at the end of December and point your finger at me if my prediction was wrong.
Either way I’m looking forward to seeing what OS X mobile will be like. I already know that UIQ3 has its bugs and that Windows Mobile has an annoying GUI.

This prediciton was writen by Lars Johansson

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