Secret Service is in your printer!

Published by on oktober 30, 2005 at 11:42 f m

Do you know that every paper you print has a secret tracking cod? This tracking mechanism is the Secret Service version of “barcode consumers” embedded in their printouts.

Why does not Xerox Printers instead print out heart at Valentines Day?
Printers all look more or less the same and have more or less the same features. I think you could capture major market shares by making those grey boxes more personal. Why doesn’t Xerox talk to consumers and find out what they really want. Make a printer with some human values built in to make it more than just the last link in the consumption chain. A printer that automatically printed special occasion cards on the right date – a sort of ink filled alarm clock of love that could print out heart at days like Valentines Day? To make these ideas meaningful you would need a lot of input from customers.
Then consumers can send the printed hearts and spread love to Secret Service! Consumers can if they like put barcode on them self!