Published by on mars 2, 2007 at 7:51 e m

I did by my tickets at for a while a go. When landed they broken my bags that cost more than my fly ticket. Did ask their staff at the airport what to do, they did tell me to call FlyMe costumer service. Did the next day when they where open. They ask me to send an email. Six month later they send me a snail mail and explain that I only could complain at the airport direct when it happen (so I did). After this I was thinking about putting up an website with the kind name

But today they did put this on their website:
“The board of Fly Me Sweden AB intends, as soon as possible, to file for bankruptcy.”

I guess it is to late to get compensation for my bags, but not to late for other airlines to learn what good costumer service means for their bottom line (and my bags).