Play a game when driving your car

Published by on maj 15, 2007 at 9:18 f m

GPS navigation is now offering celebrity voices of Dennis Hopper, Mr. T, Gary Busey etc. Listen to them here. That’s cool, and fun but maybe your wife ore husbands voice would have more effect on your driving? What’s next? I think there soon will be hackers that will offer new software for GPS navigation. This new software will make you a part of old driving games and new games that could have names as “GPS Formula Drive” and offers drivers to play a game when driving in cities as New York and Tokyo. Off course this is not legal and it is dangerous but that is also driving. I don’t recommend it but the gamers will love to play in real life. Cant stop thinking of the movie “The Game” – when reality where becoming a game. The commercial opportunites in this sort of game is so big that companies will step in to the legal gaming to. Think of it having 5.000 cars competing to arrive first at your shop. This new “GPS gaming” will make your avatar become you, but in the car you don’t have a Second Life.