Overkill PR for Thai Air

Published by on oktober 2, 2007 at 6:22 e m

Did today read on Swedish that Thai Air is giving reporters discount on air tickets (if they write about them). This is a classical example in how to kill a brand with overkill PR. Here is the purpose of PR:

Public relations (PR) Public Relations- a promotion intended to create goodwill for a person or institutions image.

We are not interested of having reporters writing about Thailand! We only reporters them to write about Thai Air… WOW is there really a brand called Thai Air without Thailand? I don’t think so. Compare this culture destroyers with another Asian airline: Singapore Airlines; they’re famous for friendly service and letting the traveler experience Singapore for hours before actually arriving (their brand is flying high).

Trust and security is big problems for a lot of airlines and then does Thai Air this anti-PR move, I can’t understand it. So here is my simple solution to the problem:

The best way to handle the situation is to buy a parachute for the branding-PR genius how came up with this overkill PR idea for Thai Air.