ONE lecture at Retail Summit 2007 in Prague

Published by on februari 10, 2007 at 12:24 e m

This week I did hold ONE lecture in Prague at the seminar Retail Summit has been around for many years and it’s become one of Europe’s most important. There were around 700 people in the audience from 28 countries with direct translations into 5 languages (headphones).
One of the big problems in this part of the retail world is price war. My opinion for price wars was the point that price only creates “anti loyalty,” the consumers then only become loyal to the price and not the retailer or the brand. I learn a lot when the retail experts David and Martin did go shopping with my. We did meet a cool man who was 80-year and has been drinking the same coffee brand for over 60 years. I don’t think he will change the brand because of a price discount after 60 year. I did use the input this super coffee consumer gave me in the lecture and one person in the audience got a free bag of the same coffee brand. There where other brands that have become “local heroes” by putting the culture dimension in what cold “retro branding” (that is a subject to get back to). I am happy that the ONE topic got so good feedback and that even Barbora like it☺. They invited me back this summer to be the Key Note Speaker at another conference. I hope to meet al the great people again then, specially drink some coffee with the super consumer.Update 2 Mars:

“The best-evaluated speaker – Swedish marketer Stefan Engeseth, whose speech targeted on the role of consumers in marketing strategy of companies has fully captured majority of the audience (the comments like „Bingo! Inspiring, interactive!” or „He has lighted up the atmosphere and brought in energy and fun, as well as impulses for later discussions in the lobby.”). There were however also many completely opposite views such as „too Americanised show, or an empty content presentation”. Retail Summit.