Olympic Games in marketing

Published by on maj 30, 2011 at 9:10 f m

Few people would win the Olympics Games in Marketing, David Magliano, is one of them. Recently, as the Director of Marketing for London, he won the Olympic Games for London in 2012. We met with David Magliano recently in Stockholm when he gave an excellent lecture at the Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with The London Speaker Bureau. Afterwards we got a few hours of unique dialogue with David about how to create winning marketing.
We have interpreted the lecture and our discussion to five things to practice on in order to win the Olympics Games in marketing:

1. Compensate bid weaknesses with extremely well-grounded strong arguments.
2. Change the rules to your advantage.
3. Make your offer relevant to current media subjects by adding “topicality” to your content.
4. Use your research to create a message that reflects and mirrors a solution that decision makers want to buy.
5. Offer people good stories – it’s the best way to get people to spread your message.

As the evening drew to its end, I asked one simple question: How would you build up the pitch to get Barack Obama re-elected? David responded quickly: Flattering question but such a question requires time to answer, I spent two years of research on identifying the 24 people who sat in the Olympic Committee and you ask me how I could convince 300 million people!