Military using marketing as psychology weapon

Published by on maj 28, 2010 at 11:43 f m

The Swedish military is now recruiting copywriter to their in-house agency. The purpose is as clear as always in the military world:

Psychological warfare is the newest of the Armed Forces rapid reaction unit. This new unit is working with psychological operations, which aim to influence the behaviors and attitudes of a target audience. This unit will base their work on classical marketing methods tailored to a military environment.
Swedish Armed Forces

To work with Psychological warfare is nothing new – what I think is interesting is the timing, after getting strong criticism regarding leadership (because of critical incidents abroad) they are now recruiting marketing professionals. This in-house agency need to be in top condition and ready for the mental marketing war (and peace).

Swedish military duty has up into now been obligatory (not based on a free choice), but this is changing right now and to attract new recruitment they have started a range of innovative price winning advertising (