Make love & build bottom line

Published by on mars 9, 2006 at 4:06 e m

Today I did hole a lecture for the local marketing organization, MiF (in Swedish). It was hold in Värnamo, a nice and green part of Sweden. Nice feedback and nice people.
Before the lecture at breakfast I sat down in the nice design hotel Park Inn Värnamo, witch was build in the 1950. The hotel is really nice with a big open dance floor (it is an strong part of Swedish culture to socialize on the dance floor).
Outside my window there was a big square in the size of a smaller soccer field. The development of a region is depending on the numbers of people get born ore move to the region. Did learn this by doing consulting for another region in Sweden: Västmanland. With this in mind I start thinking of how many people that have made kids in this hotel ore did meet each other here and as a result of this get kids. If al the people and kids to them since the 1950 would stand on the square would they fill the space – yes probably. For how much do this people consume a year in the region? Probably it is more money than this hotel does on a year (my counting did get the numbers to billions a year, even if the numbers is hypothetical it is big money). This gets me wonder of the importance of the meeting places we have in regions and in companies. Meetings of minds and bodies build numbers: Make love & build bottom line! How can you make more out of your meeting places?