Less is Amore

Published by on juli 24, 2006 at 10:08 f m

The old saying “Less is more” is powerful. There is a need for humankind to simplify life. To make it easy to understand and to handle reality. It is like we always like to build an aquarium in the big sea. Ore swimming in our own swimming pool instead of handle everything in the sea. That is also a success factor for communities on the internet (you get to now the other fish fast). On Discovery Channel they said that when we are in love we use less of our brain resource that are used for critical judgment. Al this together is one big success for members clubs etc where we can be in love with consuming life in the aquarium. Some say life sucks, I would say hard to handle if you take in too much. People how create always use the “Less is more” for somebody need to handle the creation (take it in). Others say that love is a powerful source that we have not discovered the greatness in yet. Al this together is what I call “Less is Amore.” ONE driving force in it is that the more you focus one the right things the easier it is to love the object of your feelings.
Are blogs a version of aquarium? How can ONE be used as a tool to work with “Less is Amore”? What are your “Less is Amore” rules?