iPad + Boeing = Will make Apple iFly high

Published by on mars 9, 2011 at 2:54 e m

Just had a long distance flight and got bored so I turned on the moviescreen on the seat infront of me. I Could not get the movie to start from the beginning, so I asked the stewardess for help. Her response was: “it is the last trip we are doing with the airplane – when we reach our destination today we will turn this airplane into scrap.” I have to say that was funny.
But I could not stop thinking of other newer options for aircraft computer entertainment. Old airplanes feels much more out of date especially when the inside looks old and unsafe – it need to be as updated as other parts our digital life.

Why is not Boeing working with Apple and install iPad´s in every seats?
It will save Boeing millions and make their aircraft entertainment edgy. That will make long distance flights feel like short distance. Consumers will spend so many hours with their iPad that they will get addicted to play with it. For Apple it means they will lift their sells even higher than what Steve Jobs can manage to do. They can sell computers, music and movies above all other retailer in the world!
Benefits for Boeing is that it will save them money as well as create new income by making Apple their partner. Also it will be easy for them to update their aircrafts by just change from iPad 2 to 3 or 10 in the future.

They could make a start webpage with the airflight brand and Apps for Boeing (why not make people in the airplane redesign it in 3D at 10.000 feet up in the air?).

Other commercial partners in the iPads/iFly: games – EA, cars – Hertz, eBooks – Amazon and Barns and Nobel and offcourse traveling advertisement etc.

If all this is done it could lead to a problem: people don´t want to leave the airplane.
If Apple don´t iFly high with iPad 2 maybe Samsung Tab will make this idea fly in the sky?