Ipad an Ipod built as a house in Dubai

Published by on januari 1, 2007 at 11:34 f m

It is most amazing how big Ipod is becoming; it is by fare a part of our time and cultural. Apple is having a success that has no limits with Ipod, one big reason is that the rest of the business world and consumers are driving the cultural part of our Ipod time.

“A newly announced multimillion pound building project in Dubai will take inspiration for its design from that of the iconic iPod, according to reports.” The Guardian

I wonder if Steve Jobs is going to be DJ at the opening party, when a lot of Apple fans are going to dance into the Ipad building

“Real estate developer Omniyat Properties is planning to launch projects worth more than Dh3 billion in 2007, starting with a tower inspired by Apple’s iPod MP3 player…The tower will sit atop a docking station angled at six degrees to give the exact look.” Robert Ditcham, Gulf News

In my ONE book I did write: “Is Apple the only religion with a locked church?” with Ipad they finally have their church.

Dubai is an amazing place with a lot of open-minded business people. I have for many years wanted to build a house that is a product, but my plans for becoming an architect is in next life. In this life I can admire Ipad design by the Hong Kong-based architects James Law Cybertecture International.