In the “brand graveyard” we al can dig up billions of dollar

Published by on augusti 2, 2006 at 9:51 f m

Brands do connect to consumers feeling and are making emotional relations. And they do speak as persons with personality like “How are you?” Vodaphone. Then they kill the brand and put it in an emotional gravyard they call fusion. But most brand fusion is badly done because of the distance to the consumer is so far that they cant change the relation to “I am I a lost brand”? Phoneoff.
Maybe it sounds a bit cynical to call it a “brand graveyard” but if you start putting numbers into what’s is laying in this graveyard, you will start wondering how many billions of dollars there is. I think many brand managers would start to dig up billions of dollar if they see how ONE many of this brands still are with consumers (that still mourn them strongly).

“Brands are born and thrive on their strength to create, build, and keep loyal customers. The effective maintenance of brand leadership requires constant care and feeding. Failure to nurture your brand destines it to join other failed brands in the brand graveyard.” Len Johnson

Witch is the brands you would like to put to life again? Witch is the brands that are most old and seen in films (product placements)? Are there still fans to some of the brands in the “brand graveyard”?