How OS could make everyONE a winner

Published by on februari 15, 2006 at 1:02 e m

Today we have the OS 2005 in Torino, in year 2000 it was OS in Sidney. Participation in Sidney did create enthusiasm, with 46,000 volunteers. The TV audience was estimated at 3.5 billion. We all heard the song “We will be ONE.” For the closing ceremonies, all participants entered the arena without being divided into nations. This can be compared with the corporate world when companies and their customers can walk together. People are the least utilized resource in today’s corporate world. How can this be changed?
How did the 46,000 volunteers affect the 3.5 billion TV viewers? What is the nature of a similar constellation at your company or at a company where you are a customer?
ONE can also be a system to build something together where the definitions of who does what are fluid in nature. Italians love making food, could they make ONE meal with the rest of the world?

The above symbol could be seen as an evolution of the Olympic symbol
to ONEolympic. Shared experience is an excellent way
of strengthening the product/service.

Take your insurance company, for example. How many floors of their office building could you as customer have had a hand in building? How would this have affected your relationship? The company merely initiates the customer stairway; it is the customer that turns it into an escalator. When customers learn from each other, a self-perpetuating process is created.