From headache to new business

Published by on augusti 8, 2009 at 11:13 f m

Got an email with the subject: Feel free to quote me.

After a dinner and pub evening with business thinker Stefan Engeseth, Detective Marketing(TM), and strategic consultant Ib Lenneke, IBIDEA, I was ready to strangle them at 3 o’clock in the morning for making me toss and turn unable to sleep because of the provocative fundamental questions they had raised about my company, Midzone, and my own situation, desires and possibilities. Right at the worst possible moment of the entire year, at the start of the most valuable four week season out of the whole year in our business. Despite adrenalin and anxiety and continuously cursing them (roundly) for over an hour, I finally managed to fall asleep…. exhausted.
In the morning I woke rested (how? I don’t know), and found that in 15 minutes I could, in short simple words and clear illustrations, write down the fundamental business idea and mission, so far devilishly elusive, that we have been intuitively working with for four years; the total eventual result we are trying to achieve; the core development strategy for the company; the basis for a clear-cut and unambiguous marketing, communication and sales strategy; and a near perfect summary of the roles and functions for the three people in the entrepreneurial team, in keeping with their talents, desires and driving forces.
In fifteen minutes. That was one insane epiphany. I never had an experience even remotely comparable.
Interacting with Stefan Engeseth and Ib Lenneke is clearly a high risk, high return proposition.
Matteus Åkesson, Partner & Managing Director, Midzone