From Fender to Customization Cloning Inc

Published by on januari 15, 2007 at 4:09 e m

Did walk into a guitar shop and could not see why the guitar that looks old and used was more expensive than the new guitars. They explained that al of them where used. But the ones that I belief was old was a “customization cloning.” Well they did not use that words I use but they did say it was an exact copy from a famous guitar player. Everything on it was authentic (dirt, finger imprint after years of using it).

Few brand have the strings to touch costumers as Fender.

Strings and al kinds of special things this guitar player was using after 20 years of playing with it. The point is as they told me that I could buy an exact copy of my guitar star that sounds exactly the same (is that an selling point or what). Take a walk on the Fender wild site on costumer shop and find out why how cool it is and then ask why others like GM aren’t doing the same thing? Maybe you like to have not only the same brands as your idols are using but an exact copy (more personal than an autograph and totally unique feeling). You only have to pick out a movie and what product you like to have form it. Al this could expand to an global companies that can be called “Customization Cloning Inc” and deliver anything that you like to have cloned in products… what about Nick Nolte’s car in the movie 48 Hrs? If not that car, maybe you prefer an exact copy of the furniture at the famous café in Seinfeld. When you watch a movie next time maybe it is online with the so you only have to click on the products you like to order.
If you like to start the “Customization Cloning Inc” you will find good know how in the theater field, in how to make “fake” products become “real” business. In the meantime you always can by your favorite guitar star’s guitar but if you like it to sound as good as Pink Floyd played on it you don’t need to plug it only play air guitar.