Founder of the Richard Saul Wurman to Sweden

Published by on mars 19, 2009 at 9:58 f m

After a heated discussion in Sweden whether was officially or unofficially starting up in Stockholm, the founder Richard Saul Wurman is coming to Sweden in June. But he is not here to talk about whether or not there should be a Swedish TED, he rather talk about his new project 19.20.21.  I hope all Swedish fans anyway will see this as a positive step in spreading the idea of in Sweden.

Richard Saul Wurman is also the founder of the TED, an annual multidiciplinary conference with the motto “ideas worth spreading.” Richard Saul Wurman has sought ways to make complex clear. Although his 81 books appear to be on different subjects, they are all about the same thing, the journey from not knowing to knowing. Recently it occurred to him that no two cities in the world ask the same questions of themselves, and the 19.20.21 project was born. Globe Forum 2009

He has written and designed over 80 books, that is amazing (if they are 2% as good as Listen to Richard Saul Wurman at Globe Forum 2009, 4 -5 June Stockholm Sweden.