Extreme consumers

Published by on februari 11, 2007 at 10:23 f m

Here in Stockholm is a consumer Georg Carlsson, that over the years been eating 20.000 lunches for 70 years at the same restaurant named “East Station” (Östra Station). The value of George’s lunches today is more than a million, imagine if you go in to a restaurant and say I like to buy a lunch for a million. This week I did talk with a gentlemen how has been drinking the same coffee brand for 60 years. In a village in England, a customer named Steve has virtually lived at the local pub with his dog for four and a half years. For the patrons, he has become the social center of the pub. They know they will always have someone interesting to talk with. And for my self have I been a costumer for tree generation in the swimming center that I go to. I can’t stop thinking of other extreme consumers and what they have been consuming over the years. What’s your story? Have you heard about a loyal costumer that is it in an extreme way? Are loyal consumers invisible? When is it extreme?