Evolution strategies for journalism into web 2.0

Published by on mars 31, 2007 at 1:37 e m

New Media Strategy Manager, Colin Daniels from Sunday Times in South Africa did hold a lecture at SoStockholm this week. He pointed out how they will change the way they work: From a traditional newspaper to web 2.0 with social strategies. It was good common sense in how to work with web 2.0. The audience was full of PR people and journalist. I did take the opportunities to interview some of the best journalist we have in Sweden. The question I did ask al of them was: What would change if you did write articles with the goal to get comment from readers into web 2.0? Some did say it would be worse journalism with now deepness. But most of them did explain that then they need to write more sensational (gossip journalism). But a lot of them also did say that this new dimension also could inspire them, as a journalist and that it will make their articles grow with new sources.

Sunday Times in South Africa is going to work with that connects the blogosphere with journalism in an innovative way.