EcoBar: Turning green to gold

Published by on september 23, 2009 at 2:02 e m

Yesterday evening was the premier of EcoBar – a green business mingle. The topic for the seminar was: Turning green to gold. There were many good speakers one of them was from Carlsberg, who talked about how they are producing an ecological friendly beer. They explained that the beer is not selling that good (yet). After the seminar I tested an idea for Carlsberg’s CEO, Otto Drakenberg: Climate change is more or less a hangover for the planet (nature suffers). What if Carlsberg produced an environmental friendly beer that is guaranty free from hangover both for the consumer and the planet. He responded:

I must admit that i haven’t thought of that connection but it is very interesting connection. I like the idea because I do see a clear connection between what we see happening in the world and what we see ecological beer needs to do in order to make success.
CEO, Otto Drakenberg, Carlsberg Sweden

Since Otto is an open minded person he spotted the opportunity of how to turn this green idea into gold. Let’s see if and when they will develop this idea and if it will become probably the best beer to drink for the survival of our planet.

EcoBar is a creation from EcoHero Stuart Pledger, CEO, Sustainable Leadership. Stuart has an passion for the survival of our planet and I think he looks like the Swedish version of Al Gore (see photo from yesterday).