Does Chat GPT increase demand for our unique capabilities?

Published by on januari 26, 2023 at 11:20 f m

Now that AI (the chatbot Chat GPT) can do the ordinary work, our unique abilities are becoming increasingly important in workgroups.

All major technological advances present challenges. Yet we choose to look at opportunities instead. It’s about using AI optimally to create value. As all organizations gain access to AI like Chat GPT, our unique capabilities are needed more than ever to keep up. People who use their talents, diagnosis, and characteristics can, in cooperation with Chat GPT, increase competitiveness.

Four success factors between AI and humans:
1. The ability to ask great questions is invaluable.
2. Raising social competence and creating belonging.
3. Reviewing recruitment so more people with unique abilities have the opportunity for employment.
4. Allowing everyone to unleash their abilities in an accepting company culture.

Thank you for your knowledge and inspiration: Anne Håkansson, Siri Wikander, Tobias Degsell, Tommy Mäkelä and Chat GPT.