Published by on november 17, 2005 at 6:49 f m

Last evening at an Indian version of Oscars Award I talked with a gentleman from the army. On his business card they had their manifesto “DO OR DIE.” That is a bit stronger than JUST DO IT, but at the same time it conveys different values.
The DD Awards 2005 was more than different from Oscar Awards. The purpose of this Award was to show their respect and honors to the stars behind the stars. It was a most humble thing to do and it would be great to see Brad Pit and Merleene Streep to give the award to best sound technician.Same thing in corporation, most of the time the lights only shines in one direction,
still the source is powered from both directions.

Categories like: “Best film building” and “Best technique in film studio” sounded a bit different but had an entrepreneur dimension. The price winner at this award seemed to be more passionate about doing a good work than build their stars. It felt like they are in it for the big picture and not only a star role.
After missing lunch, I ran to the Award in costume and tie. It was held outside in 30 degrees celsius and lasted for nearly 6 hours so I was more in to DIE than DO but I love Bollywood and learn more about the star behind the stars, and so should you.