Culturestones – Things that last over time

Published by on november 29, 2005 at 10:50 f m

Back in the days when Englishmen colonial India, at that time does culture could not been more different than they where for each other. They influence the India culture with their way of being (they even got them to play cricket). Today Indians say that the English part of their culture is disappear more and more. And ones again the Indian culture is taken over its culture again. Still there are English tracks that always will be a part of India culture like the Gateway of India in Mumbai/Bombay (se photo above). Stones will always be around, that’s why I call these manifestos for “Culturestones.”
Same thing is happening with corporate cultures when they do fusions. When different culture combines in corporate fusions like Air France and KLM ore DHL and Dutch Post what are there Culturestones that will last forever?
Today cricket has gone from a sport to a religion in India; it has become fare stronger part of the India culture than it is a part of the English culture. Differences in cultures can be strong as stones when they become rituals and manifestos as a part of the new culture.
Where is the Culturestones for your company? And can you share them with your consumers? How can consumer value and relations be Culturestones? Witch is the most different combination of corporate culture you can think of? Cricket is ONE with India what else will be it over time in a corporate fusion?