Consumer rules in the kingdom of business!

Published by on september 20, 2005 at 8:32 e m

Bad news has a tendency to travel fast like it did for Kryptonite, Intel and others. But do corporations learn and listen? The trail and error learning seem to be not working. Why don’t companies learn and listen? Often Corporations work behind closed doors, focusing on output rather than input.

We like to have your input about companies that listens and companies that don’t listen! Please send us your best cases of companies that listen and companies that don’t listen. Often there seem to be a relation between the size of the company and their ability to listen both to their staff and to the customers.
”Many firms do not yet seem aware of the revolutionary implications of newly empowered consumers,” says the Economist (2005). Companies must realize that the customer truly is king when many customers converge at the same place on the Internet. Instead of engaging in “brand wars”, companies should involve the customer in their daily business. Companies that act cynically, will discover that the wrath of the king – the consumer. Will they otherwise end up being an Anti-brand?
What are your 3-5 best cases of good or bad “ONE” companies and corporations (DELL, Amazon)? Name 3-5 companies that have succeeded in listening to their customers.
I think the time has come for the consumers to rule business, what do you think? Why is consumer a new word for many CEO´s?