Consulting clients*

I have told many colleagues that Stefan is by far the most curious adult that I have ever met. He asks ‘Why?’ repeatedly until he gets to the real root of a problem, challenge or opportunity. He approaches situations with an unbiased approach, and inspires teams by offering alternative perspectives that challenge the ‘truths’ that we all develop over time as a result of experience.

Stefan has worked closely with our sales and marketing team at Bio-Works over a 15 month period as an inspirational speaker and coach, helping us to find our inner sharks. Together, we have workshopped a number of ideas on how to identify, attract and retain new customers, and the results speak for themselves. (Just look at Bio-Works Investor Relations page to see our performance.)

I warmly recommend Stefan to any team looking to sharpen its commercial skills. If you cannot honestly answer the question ‘Are you a shark?’ with a ‘Yes’, invite Stefan to a meeting and hear what he can offer.
CEO Jonathan Royce, Bio-Works

  • World-leading software company with communications problems. Consultation in making invisible values tangible and how to create consumer awareness. Resulted in changes in marketing strategy and laid the foundations for a global TV campaign.
  • Event and advertising agencies. Created concepts and strategy that led to industry prizes, new accounts and events in the one million dollar class.
  • Acted as a sounding board in medical research and development. Contributed to improved packaging, innovation and interaction with the market and the internal organization.
  • Suggested creative opportunities for state municipalities in market planning and marketing execution. Working within the confines of their budget, we created new goals and new ways of reaching them.
  • Custom-tailored business creativity workshop for a global media company in Dubai, attended by representatives from some 15 countries. Consultation in concept development for creative marketing tactics on the market as well as creating a sense of renewal in the internal organization.
  • Participated in the consulting group for the construction of the Öresund Bridge between Sweden and Denmark, one of Europe’s largest construction projects. (SEK 100 billion)
  • The Government of Dubai. Advisor and consultant on how to package Dubai as a tourist destination.
  • Västmanland region of Sweden. Consultation on tourism, housing and industry. The consultation focused on how to act decisively and create concrete tools to develop the region.
  • Description of opportunities for an entrepreneur. Created increased revenues and flexibility.

* Of our products and service (consulting, speeches, research, content). Many of our clients also work with other consulting companies as well as advertising, PR, media and branding agencies. For reasons of confidentiality, we will send out detailed descriptions of our work only after approval of each individual client.