Cannibalism in the the shark and business world

Published by on maj 7, 2013 at 12:48 e m

Even before sharks are born they have to compete to survive. Some shark species can have as many as 25 babies. To survive, these sharks have to cannibalize their babies and as a consequence only one of the 25 survive.9 Modern science has revealed that predators often practice cannibalism for practical reasons. Their own species is easy to find and have the nutrition they require.

Cannibalism is also common in the business world. In a market that has reached saturation point, one company will be bought up by another competing one and will be called a merger. Oracle swallowing up MYSQL is a form of survival in the competitive marketplace.

The nutrition you need the most can be best be found in the same spices.
– Professor Volker Rudolf, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Rice University.

Above from the Sharkonomics book.

Listen the story: Sibling Rivalry Spurs Sand Tiger Shark Embryos To Eat Each Other (thanks to Roland Williams).